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Lots of Fun


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Beach Theme

Lots of Fun
Lots of Fun


 Thank you for taking an interest in Johnny's Photo Booth!

Where Affordable Rates, Fantastic Fun, & Quality Photos 

are at your service for the best entertainment for you & your guests;

which they will talk about for years to come.

Johnny's Photo Booth is available for any indoor or covered outdoor* occasion/event big or small including:

Wedding Receptions

Baby Showers

Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties


Bar or Bat Mitzvahs



Gallery Fun

Holiday Parties

Just for fun


Office Parties



Sweet 16

..... and so much more!

Johnny's Photo Booth is always fun for everyone!

Office Party
Office Party

Fun With The Family
Fun With The Family

sweet 16
sweet 16

Office Party
Office Party


How the Photo Booth Works

  • When you walk up to the photo booth,  you will have a chance to pick out some props to wear in the booth.  There will be plenty of CRAZY FUN Props to choose from at your event.

  • After choosing the props, you will enter the photo booth and press "Start" on the touch screen.  The screen will then prompt you to choose a template design*. Once you make your choice, the photo session will start.  A voice from the booth will tell you to "Get Ready" and will then start a countdown.  Countdown will also be visible on touchscreen as well incase of people who are hearing impaired or if the party music is too loud to hear.  After the first photo is taken, you will have 5 seconds to get ready for the next photo.  You can changes props or poses before the next photo is taken.  If you don't like your photo, there is a "Retake" button on the touchscreen to retake the photo.

  • After your photo session is over, the touchscreen will ask you "How Many Copies Would You Like To Print?" and you can print from 1 to 9 copies.  If you would like more, I will be there to print more for you. 

  • Then it will ask you if you "Would You Like The Photos Sent To Your Smartphone As Well As A Print?" and you can type your phone number in on the touchscreen.  You can type in up to 3 phone numbers.  

  • You then exit the booth, drop off your props, and pick up your photos.  

*not  included in the 2-Hour package







As a Photo Booth owner, I think it's very important to have FUN props for my clients and their guests to choose from.  You wouldn't want cheap dollar store props that would make your wedding or special event look horrible? When you rent Johnny's Photo Booth, your event will be so much more pleasant with the selection I supply and the photo booth will look exciting and fun!

Backdrop or Digital Green Screen Effect

Have a traditional backdrop curtain to match the colors or theme of your event.

Or you can chose Digital Green Screen Effect

and you and your guests can chose which background you want without changing the curtain.

Make your pictures fun & memorable, pick a theme, favorite movie, place or hobby! 

2 (2).png

Open or Enclosed Booth Options


Choose the Open Air  or Enclosed Booth..

either way you will have extreme fun! 

My tented booth can fit up to 10 ADULTS!

So you and your guests have the most fun possible,

I will require an 8ft wide x 8ft deep x 8ft high area.

Photo Booth 1.jpg

Unlimited Photos

You and your guests can have as many copies as you all would like.  Need an extra couple of copies to send to family and friends?  How about an extra few to place on your nightstand, fridge, or at the office?  Johnny always has back up photo paper and a back up printer.

Not only Unlimited Photos, but also Unlimited Use of the Photo Booth!

Photos Sent Via Text

Your guests can have the option of having their photos texted to their smart phone.  After the photo session is over, the touchscreen will ask your guest to enter their phone number.  Depending on Wifi service and the correct phone number is typed in, the photos will appear on their smart phone within 24 hours. This is completely private and phone numbers are not shared or sold.

You will receive a disc at the end of the event with all the photos on it.

Fun Add-Ons

Photo Scrapbook

Fun keepsake for any special occasion

& memories!

Your guests place a copy of their photo with a

personal note, just for you!

Gel Markers, Table Sign,

Adhesive Strips, and Placement Assistance all included.



Slanted Acrylic Frames 

This great party favor will be placed at each guest setting. An insert in each frame will direct your guests to the photo booth.

Available in 2x6 or 4x6 sizes.



Proudly Offering

First Responders

Don't forget to mention your service at time of Reservation!

Servicing primary locations in 

Pasco, Pinellas, Hillsborough, & Manatee Counties. 

But always check with me for other locations outside of map,

as I may be able to accommodate you!

Service Locations


* for outdoor events, photo booth must be on solid ground

such as cement or wood under a structured overhang. 

Johnny's Photo Booth is independently owned, operated, licensed, and insured.

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