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Johnny's Photo Booth

Johnny's Photo Booth office hours are 11am to 9pm, 7 days a week.  

Take a moment to fill out the reservation form and Johnny will be in contact with you within 24 hours

Did You Know:

Did you know that The first-ever working photo booth was made by French inventor T.E. Enjalbert in March 1889 and was presented later that same year at the World’s Fair in Paris. He named it the “Apparatus for Automatic Photography” (which sounded way cooler in french: Appareil pour la photographie automatique).  A similar machine was patented only a year later in America by photographer Mathew Steffens. These earlier versions were not as impressive as they thought they would be as they still required a lot of manpower (at least 20 people) and were not as efficient as they intended them to be. 

Now, 134 years later, the photo booth technology is a lot different than it was then.  With digital cameras, touch screen monitors, sub-dye printers, and silly fun props the photo booth is the best addition to any party, celebration, or get together.  Get your photos printed immediately after your photos are taken and download them to your smartphone. I'm sure T.E. Enjalbert never pictured this kind of fun (pun intended).

Johnny's Photo Booth is independently owned, operated, licensed, and insured.

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Rental prices are subject to change, availability, location, and guest count.

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